Development of Catfish Cultivation Business as Off Fishing Activities in Glondonggede, Tuban Regency

Pudji Purwanti, Edi Susilo


The pressure on the utilization of marine resources has decreased the results of fishermen's fishing both in quality and quantity. The use of fishing equipment that is not environmentally friendly also contributes to the decline in fishermen's catches. Catfish cultivation is one of an off fishing activity in Glondonggede Village, to reduce the pressure on the utilization of marine resources. The purpose of research: (1) Describe the technical aspects and market opportunities for catfish farming. (2) Analyzing the value of profitability. (3) Arrange the development of catfish farming. Purposive sampling was used in this descriptive research. The catfish cultivation business can be carried out by fishermen on the yard house using pond with a size of 3x4 m2, 60cm high, with a stocking density of 200 tails / m2. The results of catfish cultivation are marketed around Tambakboyo Subdistrict. Catfish cultivation is profitable and feasible to develop. The catfish consumption and financial analysis, the catfish cultivation business can be developed as an off fishing activity. The strategy for developing catfish business includes optimal land use; development of intensive cultivation technology; strengthening fishermen groups for aquaculture and marketing networks as well as preventing environmental pollution.



business development; catfish cultivation; diversification

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