Ecotourism Development Strategy in Maritime Conservation Area Warship HMAS Perth, Serang Regency, Banten Province

Muhammad Teddy Indriauan, Luchman Hakim, Andi Kurniawan


Determination of the sunken ship HMAS Perth in accordance with PERMEN KP 17/2008 article 8 paragraph 2 as a Maritime Conservation Area by appointing the Banten Provincial Government to manage maritime cultural protection areas. The research aims to analyze the condition of the biophysical, economic, social, cultural, institutional aspects, potential tourist attraction objects, readiness and community participation, and ecotourism development strategies. Calculation of scoring four aspects of the analysis, namely aspects of the biophysical environment (very bad), socio-economic aspects (very good), socio-cultural aspects (very bad), and institutional aspects (good). Recommendations from the analysis of aspects of tourist attraction for diving tourism are not suitable (33.33%), snorkeling tourism is not suitable (22.80%), seagrass tourism is not suitable (27.45%), surfing tourism is not suitable (33.83% ), beach recreation tourism is not suitable (32.14%), fishing tourism is suitable (88.88%), mangrove tourism is suitable (92.30%), underwater historic education tourism is suitable (120). Aspects of impact, community participation, community desires are in the very good category (180) and community perception is in a good category (150). The strategy for developing ecotourism is in quadrant III, maximizing the potential of underwater archaeology as a special interest tourist attraction that has historical value for foreign tourists so that it can increase the country's division.


Maritime Conservation Area; HMAS Perth; ecotourism

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